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Thread: Not Received VIP

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    Not Received VIP

    Hello There,
    I purchased VIP on the CSGO servers and I have not had VIP on any of them yet.
    PayPal Receipt No. 0299-3661-8683-6297 If you would like my paypal email please PM me.
    My steamID is - STEAM_1:0:9016318

    Thank You.

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    Hi James,
    this is unusual. Can you share your transaction ID and I can trace this for you.

    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Good news - I have managed to trace your payment.

    I'm sorry for the delay - This falls below our usual high standard.
    I have reimbursed the lost VIP and you should now have full access as expected.

    Kind Regards,
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Hello Lee, Thank you very much for such a nice response and thanks for helping me.
    I look forward to playing on Mestro.
    Thanks, James

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