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Thread: Mute appeal

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    Mute appeal

    Name: Mello
    SteamID: steam/Mello
    Type: Mute
    Reason for Ban: "Angery"
    Statement: You can add anything you like here to reason with the Mestro Gaming staff team
    First an admin named natzuu did this
    "An admin has locked your ability to move!"
    And it ruined my run.
    Later the same admin muted me while i was just talking to a friend with the reason "Angery"
    This seems very weird and unprofessional.

    Awaiting response.



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    This is extremely biased and i got a 6 month ban this is out of order and i want this to be said he has ruined my mestro experience and gamingmania100 will get you
    I do stuff

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    I locked you when you were in the start zone and yeah, I'm extremely sorry for muting you for 5 minutes. I should have done 30 since you were shouting PAKI PAKI PAKI

    Love, NatZzu <3, #MelloTOP

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    Very good stafferino, ban natzzu pls

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    I said Papi papi, papi chulo. Its a song ....

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    #unban cool

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    #unbanmello #keepcoolbanned

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    And no this is not a "meme" appeal
    A mute looks bad on my profile since i have a clean slate otherwise(except the time Ollyscoding muted me for asking for an admin)
    I would like this mute removed, it is not even correct according to the mestro staff handbook, if it was correct and it was in fact directed racism it should have been a 1 hour ban, 5 minute mutes are never given.
    I feel like the staff training is not up to par as it used to be when Stew, Konz, Olliembm and other OG admins gave them.

    I am looking forward to seeing this mute removed from my profile.

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    Hello Mello,

    we herewith accept your appeal and are sorry for the circumstances. The mute will be removed from your profile.

    Decision: ACCEPTED

    Kind regards

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