The servers have not been peforming lately. Very laggy, crashing and kicking people off, messing up ranks all the time, not updating the timer, resetting options, taking ages to change map, and most importantly; the radio dosn't work smh.

Lots of people are playing on the servers at the moment and most are complaining when their times are getting ruined, it's a bad experience. plz fix. You may even get more donators out of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Not sure if these suggestions would even help, but i'll say them anyway:
Less people on the server, not ideal, but worth it if it stops the lag.
kicking afk players after 7-10 minutes.
Removing VAC and game ban times?

On a side note can you change the defult options to get rid of the left hud. it's the most annoying thing and shows no new information, everything it shows is on the timmer or on the scoreboard.

Nep :D