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Thread: mgTimer 1.8 Release Timeline & Test Sessions

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    mgTimer 1.8 Release Timeline & Test Sessions

    July 2020 Update
    We have been working hard polishing the latest version of mgTimer and will soon be ready to publish all updates to the live servers

    Development QA/Bugtest Hotfix Deploy Surf Deploy Bunny Hop

    Jul '20



    Aug '20

    Aug '20

    Next Test Session: 26/07/2020 @ 19:00
    GitHub Issue Tracker

    Test Session #2: 18/07/2020 @ 19:20
    Test Session #1: 17/07/2020 @ 19:00

    mgTimer 1.8 - About

    mgTimer (based on kzTimer) has been under development since October 2015 and has boasted in-house updates and improvements utilizing both in-house updates and community published improvements and optimizations for kzTimer and ckSurf to create a perfect all-rounder for our community members.

    This revision of the timer has been in development since March 2020 and has seen a wide array of improvements, these include;

    Fully SM 1.11 Compatible
    Sourcemod 1.11 features a new syntax which made mgTimer v1.7 redundant as it would not compile with the most recent development branch of Sourcemod. mgTimer v1.8 will work seamlessly with SM 1.11 which allows for future expandability.

    All Memory Leaks Patched - Huge Performance Improvements
    Over the course of the day the server load would previously gradually increase and max out CPU usage;
    this decreased performance for all servers across the board until their daily restart.
    This will no longer be an issue as memory leaks have been patched.

    This improves: Stutter during gameplay

    Reworked Player Loading System - Good Performance Improvements
    mgTimer v1.7 was famous for loading player settings either all at once, or more than once.
    mgTimer v1.8 now has an overhauled and completely rewritten player loading system that continually monitors the status of which each player has loaded into the game.

    This improves: Loading into the game after a map change or server restart

    Optimized SQL Queries - Good Performance Improvements
    mgTimer v1.7 was based on an early version of ckSurf which has many poorly written queries, some of which take upwards of 50 seconds to load simple data such as a players rank. Such queries should now take only a couple of seconds. I have also reduced the number of SQL tables each game server will need to access.

    This improves: Data saving/loading

    Rewritten Replay Bots
    The server will now support more than one bot depending on which information is being displayed, there will always be a "main bot" to display full runs of the map being showcased. Players can manage replay bots with !replay / !stageprac

    Updated Points System - Based on Feedback
    Points will still be based on a percentile based system, although we will no longer be using the data from other styles to calculate the players main rank (as per player feedback). Instead, each style will have its own ranking ladder and players of those styles will compete against other players in that style group.

    Repeat Mode - User Suggestion
    You can now repeat a stage over and over by enabling repeat mode. (!repeat)

    VIP Extension
    VIP players can now manage their custom title in-game without having to depend on the website.
    The website functionality will remain however.

    Additional Styles - User Suggestion

    New Zone System - Staff Suggestion
    Zones have been rewritten from the ground up, the core functionality has been ported with the addition of Zone hooks to make zoning easier for staff and better prevention of speed glitches. Players will now be able to toggle zones (!showzones) as previously suggested in the Discord.
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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    Hotfix Report: 18/07

    - Server Crashes Fixed- /hide command not working
    - VIP Titles not functioning as intended
    - SW Mode Fixed
    - HSW Mode Fixed
    - Prestrafe & Prehop functionality improved (user-friendliness)
    - Replay Bots Fixed - Were completely broken
    - Fixed Profiles Not Loading
    - Fixed wrong player being moved to spec when bot launched
    - Added speed related messages for spectators
    - Fixed stage records being applied to the wrong player
    - Showtriggers improved
    - Fixed pre-strafe speed being incorrectly printed
    - Fixed spectator key presses not being detected
    - Fixed Side Hud overriding "Tutorial Menu"
    - Fixed staff tags
    - Fixed BHOP HSW being enabled instead of SURF HSW
    Mestro Gaming Administration

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