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    Varg - Server Administrator

    Member Name: Varg

    In-Game Alias: [!] Varg

    Which region are you applying for?: EU/UK

    Which cluster are you applying for?: CS:GO Surf & Bunnyhop

    Your SteamID#: STEAM_1:1:101276889

    Are you able to use voice chat?: Yes

    Real Name: Bjørn Tor Henrik Ragnarsson

    Birthday: 21-09-1991

    Location and Timezone: UK 24/7

    A player breathing loudly through the microphone and isn't corresponding with your warnings, you are the only administrator online, how will you defuse this situation?: First of all, type to him in chat to inform him of what i have warned over microphone, if he still chooses to ignore then mute 5min. (A kick is not necessary at this moment in time)

    Should he continue then another warning will be given and another Mute will take place for 10-15min to try defuse the situation.

    If he should continue then a kick will be sufficient to get his attention that i am not playing games with him.

    Fair amount of chances given and fair action taken to provide reason for steps actioned.

    A player who was being disruptive was muted for one month by your colleague who was able to action this before yourself. You strongly disagree with this action. You and your colleague are both student administrators, how should you respond?: Private message the member of staff in order to try and ascertain an explanation.

    You receive a report that a player is playing music through his microphone and causing a disruption in a busy server. When you connect, the player is online however there are no complaints of any disruption.<br>What is your next course of action?: My next course of action would be to just monitor the server and keep a close eye/ear on him. If he should continue when i am not there then i would advise the server to provide video evidence through discord when the player is not around so he is not aware that i am on to him.

    Once sufficient evidence has been given then i can then warn him that evidence has been submitted of him carrying out the offence and warn him to not do this again or further action will be taken against him.

    A player has been caught using scripts in the bunnyhop server and is gaining server records on several maps. You are the first on scene. When you arrive, the player clearly states that if he is removed from the game he will initiate a DDOS attack and take down all Mestro servers.<br>What is your next course of action?: Ban the user, Report the user to a Senior Administrator

    A user that has been banned from the server contacts you, seemingly confused why they were banned and demanding an explanation.<br>How do you proceed?: Refer them to the Ban/Mute Appeals section on the forums.

    What skills do you feel you have that will benefit the community?: I am a serving soldier in the Norwegian Telemark and have a total of 12 years service under my belt.

    I have been through 2 deployments both to Iraq and Afghanistan and have gained quite a lot of experience as a member of the armed forces.

    I know when to use force and when to hold off using force if not needed and how to work as part of a team under many different situations.

    Discipline, Respect and Integrity

    Have you ever used SourceMod administration tools?: No

    Do you know any of our current staff members?: Yes

    If Yes, please tell us their names.: Rhio

    Please select any languages you speak fluently.: English, German

    Please tell us what time would be a good time to contact you.: Any time i am online on Discord or Steam which is usually 4 days a week.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.: I think i have covered everything in the benefit section as best to my ability but i may add that i am an active Admin for a Rust Community called Spicy Rust.

    Mestro Group operates a community safety policy, which strictly prohibits contact from various communities and their associates. You will be required to comply with this policy which may require you to stop playing on their servers and/or remove certain people from your Steam friends list.<br>Are you willing to accept this agreement?: I understand and accept this agreement.

    Mestro Group operates a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which all members of staff must comply. Should this agreement be broken, a law suit may be filed and so forth all members of staff are forced to comply. Do you agree to sign the NDA?: I understand and accept this agreement.
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