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Thread: Run Elder Scrolls Online on Nintendo Switch

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    Run Elder Scrolls Online on Nintendo Switch

    An Elder Scrolls Online gamer has found a creative way to play the popular MMORPG on the Nintendo Switch through a combination of different modules.

    Tech-wise, The Elder Scrolls Online can be played on Nintendo Switch, which could be great news for Nintendo console owners. The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available for purchase and download for most gaming platforms, with the exception of Nintendo consoles. The popular multiplayer game is also being optimized for the next generation of consoles. It has been announced that The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S next month on June 15th. Developer Zenimax Online Studios recently requested a week delay from ESO: Console Enhancements in order to release the upcoming Blackwood Expansion and Console Expansion Update on the same day.

    The next expansion pack will introduce many new features to the game. Blackwood will be the fifth full expansion pack to arrive in The Elder Scrolls Online. More than 12 DLCs have been added to the game during the same period. Blackwood will be heavily influenced by the 2006 release of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise will remember how they faced the demonic armies of Skyrim's former main antagonist Meruneth Dagon and traveled to the hellish realm of annihilation. The expansion pack will also include a brand new feature never seen before in The Elder Scrolls Online: the companion system. Players will join two computer-controlled allies named Bastion and Mirri Elendis. Their gear and appearance can be changed, and they can be upgraded too.

    Unfortunately, Elder Scrolls Online is still not available on this platform for Nintendo Switch owners. However, a module manufacturer seems to have found a solution to this problem. Reddit user Gadaaavo managed to find a way to play Elder Scrolls Online on his Nintendo Switch. This can be done by using Xbox Remote Play in conjunction with various modules. The module has published a step-by-step guide on how to access the MMORPG on Nintendo.

    One of the main reasons so many players flock to Elder Scrolls Online is to explore. The game gives the player the opportunity to explore different locations to get eso gold and items in the vast area around Tamriel. In contrast, with the exception of the first major series, which appeared in 1994, each of The Elder Scrolls major series explored only a specific area of ​​the continent. Players were thrilled to be able to revisit different parts of the world from previous games. For example, the first Elder Scrolls Online expansion set in Morrowind and allowed players to explore areas of the map that weren't in the original version of Morrowind, which was the focus of the third Elder Scrolls title.

    The Elder Scrolls Online is by far one of the most popular multiplatform MMORPGs out there. For those who have successfully played the game on the Nintendo Switch, the transition will certainly be beneficial. With so much content waiting to be discovered, fans who take advantage of this exploit can continue exploring Tamriel while on the go.
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