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Thread: Your Favourite Liquids

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    My favorite liquid is from a swedish brand called Dubbla Ansiktet (Double face) with the flavour Wild Strawberries and Milk 130 SEK (11.9 GBP) for 30ml

    It´s a creamy taste of Wild Strawberries and Milk and I just cant stop vaping this.
    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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    Have you ever considered making your own? I save a lot of money making batches of 1/2 litres of juice for £25/30
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    Scotland ;)
    My favourite is Amber Blend £3.39 10ml Custom
    Nicotine Strength
    0% (0mg)
    0.3% (3mg)
    0.6% (6mg)
    1.2% (12mg)
    1.8% (18mg)

    50/50 vg pg
    70/30 vg pg

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    No chance I'd be on Amber Blend flavoured vape juice !!!!

    I assume you're on that to get off the cigs, Tom?

    Also, Lee, I had never thought about making my own. I am all about money saving and if there is a way I can get close to my flavour Pink Lemonade that I like I would have a go.
    I will look into the process shortly. Cheers.
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    Yeah I do make my own liquid sometimes but thats just my favourite liquid. In Sweden I get 110ml for ~£16
    Hello gajs im swedish xd

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    idk anything bout this shit as I just bought a vape for shits n giggles yesterday buyt im rly diggin the Siren Song stuff/ idk
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